Stephanie L. Padilla

Assistant Professor of Biology

Research interests are in Neural Circuits. To investigate the neural basis of behavior and physiology, our lab uses a combination of mouse and viral reagents. We gain control of genetically distinct neurons using transgenes that are delivered via viral vectors. The transgenes may encode a variety of receptors, channels, toxins or reporters that allow us to either manipulate neural activity in vivo, or trace axonal projections. For example, expression of the transgene, ChR2, enables us to activate neurons using blue light. With targeted light delivery, we can study how distinct neurons impact mouse behavior. Our research is focused on two areas of interest:

1. Understanding how sex hormones impact behavioral decisions and emotional state
2. Resolving the neural circuitry underlying sex differences in body weight regulation

Stephanie Padilla
Contact Info

Institute for Applied Life Sciences
N227 Life Sciences Laboratories
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003