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Philodendron imbe
Cell Line ID PI-12868
Media Type B172
Lowest Tolerable USDA Zone 10b
Drought Tolerance Average
Availability Low
Order Alismatales
Family Araceae
Genus Philodendron
Trypanocidal Genus Level ➡ 1 citations
Culture Initiation Site Dusseldorf
Plant Habit Shrub
Plant Habitat Tropical
Culture Start Material Seed
Native Range Tropical America
Plant Supplier Comm/Ellison Horticultural Pty
Trypanocidal Citations
  1. Muelas-Serrano S, Nogal JJ, Martínez-Díaz RA, Escario JA, Martínez-Fernández AR, Gómez-Barrio A. In vitro screening of american plant extracts on Trypanosoma cruzi and trichomonas vaginalis. J Ethnopharmacol. 2000 Jul;71(1-2):101-7. PubMed PMID: 10904152.