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Crataegus jozana
Cell Line ID CJ-00532-L0
Media Type B105
Availability Low
Order Rosales
Family Rosaceae
Genus Crataegus
Antiviral Genus Level ➡ 1 citations
Antiviral Citations
  1. Chen, S. Y., Teng, R. H., Wang, M., Chen, P. L., Lin, M. C., Shen, C. H., Chao, C. N., Chiang, M. K., Fang, C. Y., … Chang, D. (2017). Rhodiolae Kirliowii Radix et Rhizoma and Crataegus pinnatifida Fructus Extracts Effectively Inhibit BK Virus and JC Virus Infection of Host Cells. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2017, 5620867.