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Feb 26 2018 - 12:10pm
MCB Colloquium First Year Students French Hall, Room 209
Feb 26 2018 - 1:25pm
LSL S330-340
Kinesiology Department Graduate Seminar: Ned Frederick, PhD, President of Exeter Research Brentwood, NH
Feb 26 2018 - 4:00pm
329 ISB
Matt Shoulders, MIT: Protein Homeostasis Seminar
Feb 27 2018 - 4:00pm
MCB Seminar Integrated Sciences Building, Room 221
Feb 28 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Dr. Ke DuUniversity of California, Berkeley

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The Calendar for Graduate Programs in Life Sciences lists related seminars across seven different graduate programs.

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News & Events

Lunch-n-Learn with ADDFab and Carbon3D

Rescheduled-Friday, March 30 - 12:00pm LSL S330 (lunch provided)

Join us for an informational seminar. Meet Carbon3D and learn about their 3D printing technology. We need your input to determine whether we add this technology to ADDFab.

Lunch-n-Learn with ADDFab and 3D Systems

Friday, March 2 - 12:00pm LSL N210 (lunch provided)

Join us for an informational seminar. Meet 3D Systems and learn about their 3D printing technology. We need your input to determine whether we add this technology to ADDFab.

Courtney Babbitt

Courtney Babbitt, biology and M2M, received a three-year, $330,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to use new state-of-the-art computational, evolutionary and experimental methods to examine how natural selection has shaped gene expression in the human brain.

Laura Vandenberg

Environmental scientists led by Laura Vandenberg report that they observed changes in mammary gland development of female mice exposed during early development to the chemicals used in unconventional oil and gas (UOG) extraction – including fracking – at levels environmentally relevant to humans.

Researchers at the College of Nursing are seeking breast cancer survivors for a study they are conducting on measuring fatigue using eye movements. Rachel K. Walker, nursing, is heading up the study.

Prof. Lili He

Lili He, department of food science and CPHM, and colleagues report that they have developed a new, rapid and low-cost method for detecting bacteria in water or a food sample. Once commercially available, it should be useful to cooks using fresh fruits and vegetables, for example, and aid workers in the field responding to natural disasters, He says.

Anika Therapeutics, Inc.

A new agreement to extend a two-year-long strategic collaboration that yielded a promising new modality for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was announced by Anika Therapeutics, Inc., of Bedford, Mass., a global, integrated orthopedic medicines company specializing in therapeutics based on its proprietary hyaluronic acid (“HA”) technology, and the Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Friday, February 2nd - 9:30am-3:00pm S330 Life Science Laboratories (LSL)
Post Academic Career Experiences: A Discussion with GE Healthcare Employees

Highlighting an emphasis on continued excellence in innovation, as well as an emphasis on impact through a focus on the engagement of external stakeholders, and strong interdisciplinary research making UMass Amherst the “investment of choice” for many of our stakeholders in both government and industry.

The Journal of Aging Studies is moving to UMass Amherst from the University of Missouri. Cynthia Jacelon, College of Nursing and CPHM, has been named to the editorial board. Jacelon’s area of research and expertise is promoting dignity, self-management of chronic health problems, and independence in older

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is offering tax incentives to companies engaged in life sciences research and development, commercialization and manufacturing in Massachusetts. The primary goal of the program is to incentivize life sciences companies to create new long-term jobs in Massachusetts.

Interested applicants will be required to submit an online application. This is a one-step application process that includes information necessary for the applicant company to be certified under the Life Sciences Act.

Lila Gierasch, biochemistry & molecular biology and chemistry, M2M, is the 2018 recipient of the ACS Ralph Hirschmann Award in Peptide Chemistry for her seminal contributions to peptide structure and function, peptide models for protein folding and function, and roles of peptide and protein aggregation in disease.

To strengthen the translational and applied expertise on the campus IALS has contributed to hiring a number of faculty with translational research interests. These hires are in partnership with a number of departments across campus.

Wei Cui, PhD (VASCI, Sept ’17) Prof. Cui is an expert in creating disease-relevant animal models. His expertise includes Zinc finger nucleases, TALEN, and CRISPPR/Cas9 technologies to introduce mutations in the genome of rodents.

David Sela, food science and CBD, with co-authors Hang Xiao and Julian McClements, report results of their study conducted in mice of one of these preservative compounds, food-grade epsilon (ε)-polylysine, in the Nature Springer journal, Science of Food.

Antimicrobial compounds added to preserve food during storage are believed to be benign and non-toxic to the consumer, but there is “a critical scientific gap in understanding the potential interactions” they may have with the hundreds of species of microbes in our intestines, says Sela.

Graduate student Libbie Haglin's (Thompson group, chemistry and M2M) work on chemotaxis receptors was featured on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Biochemistry. Read the full article entitled, "His-Tag-Mediated Dimerization of Chemoreceptors Leads to Assembly of Functional Nanoarrays." Biochemistry 56 (44), 5847-5966 (2017).


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LSL South Conference Rooms-located in the Life Science Laboratories South (LSL2). Please find room details and access to the reservation request form.

Funding Opportunities

The 15th annual solicitation for the OTCV Technology Development Fund is now open for applications, proposals due December 4, 2017. The purpose of the Fund is to assist faculty and the OTCV...

The UManage Center for Building the Science of Symptom Self-Management in the College of Nursing has announced its request for applications for pilot research grants for 2018-19.


IALS and its three Centers are proud to present joint Seed Grant Programs for 2017. Eligible applicants must be a current member of IALS and one of the three Centers and/or an active Research...