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Living Science Core


COVID-19 Status

  • In person Human subject experiments = full stop.
  • Virtual meetings/consultations = by appointment.
  • Equipment use: limited availability, contact facility for review/determination.

A unique home-like setting where researchers are able to investigate human behavior for prolonged periods.

Measurements gathered from the instrumentation allow researchers to gain the information necessary for the calibration and/or validation of wearable activity monitors. Data generated can serve many research study designs, ranging from the development of the next generation of wearable and embedded monitoring devices to basic studies looking to objectively evaluate how individuals spend time in a natural setting.

The Living Science core provides:

  • Viso video capture and Observer XT video coding software by Noldus, allowing researchers the ability assess both the quality and duration of activity where participants can act “naturally” in this home-like setting.
  • Equipped with an Oxycon Mobile metabolic system that can be used to assess energy expenditure and macro-nutrient utilization, for short durations (i.e. 1-2 hours).
  • Houses several research grade wearable activity monitors, which allow newly designed devices to be compared to industry standards.
  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry Unit
Apartment $10 $16 $17 hour
Oxycon Mobile $16 $26 $28 hour
Activity Monitor Shaker $5 $10 $12 hour
Actigraph Link $8
Actigraph GT3X BTLE $7
ActivPal $10
Actigraph/ActivPal Laptop Computer $8 $13 $14 day
Training $75 $100 $130 hour
Technician $75 $100 $130 hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
*costs reflect the use of equipment by a PI/Partner furnished staff who have been certified for use by the Core Director, if staffing is required additional rates will apply.

FY19 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees


Training for new users consists of:

  • lab safety training,
  • operation of the instrument and associated software,
  • use of data analysis software,
  • exporting or presenting data,
  • clean up and shutdown of the instrumentation.

Facility Online Manager (FOM) (access and reservations)