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Living Science

Living Science Core

A space where participants can reside for prolonged periods of time. Used for the development and validation of algorithms to estimate human movement and biomarkers from newly designed biosensors and commercially available biosensors. Observation of participants while carrying out normal home-based activities and evaluate the human-sensor interaction. Constructed to allow us to instrument the facility to precisely capture human movement and behavior and human-sensor interactions in an ecologically valid manner for evaluation of sensor performance and sensor usability.

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Oxycon Mobile portable respiratory gas exchange system
  • 10 - Actigraph BT3X+BT Accelerometers
  • 10 - Actigraph Link Accelerometers
  • ActivPAL Acclerometers
  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry Unit
Lab Access $5 $8 $10 participant/hour
Metabolic Cart $16 $26 $28 hour
Training $75 $100 $130 trainee/hour
Technician $75 $100 $130 hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
*costs reflect the use of equipment by a PI/Partner furnished staff who have been certified for use by the Core Director, if staffing is required additional rates will apply.
Updated March 13, 2017

Facility Online Manager (FOM) (access and reservations)

Facility Staff

Michael BusaMichael Busa, Director
(413) 577-0574


S360 Life Science Laboratories
University of Massachusetts Amherst
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003