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Joining IALS

The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) translates fundamental research into innovative product candidates, technologies, and services that deliver benefits to human health and well-being. Our specific objectives are to: (1) Become a catalyst and resource for ‘applied’ and ‘translational’ R&D activities; (2) Establish industry engagement models and industry collaborations; (3) Contribute to workforce development; and (4) Participate to innovation & entrepreneurship culture on campus.

Join our interdisciplinary community of faculty today and be part of a growing community for innovative research!


UMass Amherst faculty committed to translational work and multi-disciplinary research with industrial partners and collaborators on campus, at UMass Medical School, and at other institutions are welcome to join IALS.

With affiliation and commitment to IALS comes access to the many benefits that IALS has to offer as a support network to faculty researchers. Some examples of these are:

  • Seed funding for translational research
    • IALS Midigrants – up to $20,000 per award
    • Manning/IALS Innovation Awards – up to $100,000 per award
  • Core Facility Credits generated from RTF return on IALS-tagged grants
  • Core Facility Training funds for graduate students
  • Access to a community network of collaborative UMass faculty researchers through research themes
  • … And more!

Faculty who wish to join IALS will also join one (or more) of the Institute’s three centers. Being part of an IALS center provides access to fellow faculty, resources, collaborations, and potentially industry partnerships more aligned with your research. The three IALS centers are:

Once you have decided on your center(s), please fill out the IALS Faculty Profile Information Form so that we may create a faculty profile for you on your center’s website. Having your profile online is a tremendous benefit; industry partners have used and continue to use our websites as a way to find academic collaborators.

Submit your faculty profile via webform.

Students, Staff and Friends of IALS Students, staff, and friends of IALS, as well as faculty who do not wish to become officially affiliated with IALS are welcome to subscribe to the IALS centers’ mailing lists in order to receive updates, events, news, and highlights.

To join a mailing list, please fill out this Google form!