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Industry Engagement



The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) is your window into amazing research and discoveries across UMass Amherst and is also a facilitator for collaborations with industry participants. Along with entities on campus like UMII/TTO, IALS portfolio of over 250 faculties is a treasure chest of innovation and a catalyst for translation of basic science that impact human health and wellbeing.

Resource for Researchers on Campus and Industry

We work very closely with researchers on campus in connecting them with relevant industry partners who provide valuable insight about the need for a particular technology or product candidate or to enable sponsored research collaborations. IALS also assists interested industry collaborators in finding the expertise on campus.

Some of the companies that we have relationships with are:


Entities on campus that work very closely with IALS:

Contact Karen Utgoff or Peter Reinhart, if you would like to learn more about our capabilities in therapeutic areas, drug delivery platforms, medical devices and food science.

Questions about renting our collaboratory space or working with our core facilities contact Andrew Vinard