IALS Translational Graduate Student Fellowship


IALS is excited to announce that up to six one-year translational Graduate Student Fellowships will be awarded, starting in Fall 2024 and sponsored by IALS and the research centers.


Graduate students can be either domestic or international, and must have completed their 2nd year or beyond of their studies (by time of request). The student’s PI must be a member of IALS and must have a tagged proposal to IALS in the last 24 months.

Program Details

The funding is earmarked for the most successful relevant translational research project and will come from the pool of graduate students, domestic or international.

Funding will be awarded as a one-year working fellowship starting Fall 2024 for up to 20 hours per week, Applications should be received by the deadline of March 31st, and will be reviewed by the Center Steering Committee and then ranked for final decision by Center & IALS Leadership.

Program Requirements

Each submission should include the following, submitted as one document in this order:

  1. Research Statement (no more than 2 pages explaining the significance and potential translational impact of your work)

  2. NIH Style Biosketch from both applicant and PI (CV for PI is acceptable) (https://grants.nih.gov/grants/forms/biosketch.htm)

  3. Letter of support from mentor/PI (this letter should include how future funding will be ensured for the fellow after the award is expired, the mentoring philosophy of the mentor, and commitment of support for the project described by the applicant)

At the completion of the first year, the student will be required to submit a one-page report on their research and how they progressed during the fellowship. The student will also present their work in an IALS Translational Fellowship Award Symposium.

We define translational research as work that aims to inform or to develop product candidates, technologies, and services that deliver benefits to human health and well-being.


  1. What does the Fellowship cover?
    a. This fellowship will be awarded as a GEO Research Assistantship and will cover salary and associated fringe.
  2. Should I include citations in the 2-page research statement?
    a.   Citations can be in addition to the research statement.
  3. Could this fellowship be used to fund a dissertation project?
    a. No, the funding covers salary and associated fringe only.


Submit Your Application

IALS is excited to announce the inaugural eight one-year translational Graduate Student Fellows for 2024.

Center for Bioactive Delivery

  • Maharshi Debnath -Chemical Engineering (Kulkarni lab)
  • Sparsh Makhaik-Chemistry (Hardy lab)

Center for Personalized Health Monitoring

  • Vibha Balaji-Biomedical Engineering (Dutta lab)
  • Ross Brancati-Kinesiology (Boyer lab)
  • Rajagopalan Raghuraman-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (Srimathveeravalli lab)
  • Meysam Safarzadeh-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (Du lab)

Models to Medicine Center

  • Xinjian Doris He-Veterinary & Animal Sciences (Mager lab)
  • Griffin Kane-Biomedical Engineering (Atukorale lab)

Funding was provided by IALS, the Center for Bioactive Delivery, the Center for Personalized Health Montoring and the Models to Medicine Center.