IALS Midigrants

Up to $50,000 for M2M faculty, and up to $20,000 for CBD and CPHM faculty, for single or multi-PIs for early stage translational projects.


Maximum request $50,000 in materials, supplies, reagents, graduate student salaries, and IALS Core Facilities fees; minimum amount to be awarded by this mechanism: $5,000. Typical requests are expected to be $15,000 in total funds.


All active faculty members of IALS and affiliated postdoctoral researchers may apply for funds. Active membership constitutes the following:

Endorsement is required by a Theme Leader of the center of which you currently hold membership. See Center websites for a list of Theme Leaders.


The IALS midigrant is designed to be a flexible seed fund mechanism to enable new translational research and explore new collaborations within IALS. Applications eligible for funding include:

  • New or previously unfunded multi-PI collaborations towards a specific extramural grant opportunity (with deadline identified in the application)
  • Single or multi-PI translational projects enabling new start-up ventures, SBIR/STTR submissions, submission to an extramural translational funding call, and/or a collaboration with an industry partner. Translational potential for projects may be short- or long-term.

Criteria for Awarding Funds

The overarching criteria for awarding funds are:

  • How well the project nucleates new collaborations, and how this seed money will enhance the PIs’ chances to gain new extramural funding.
  • A clear delineation of how the proposed funds will be used to generate specific preliminary data, and how that data will improve the chances of extramural funding will be reviewed favorably.
  • A clear explanation of translational milestones and outcomes, short-term or long-term.
  • How well the project strengthens a connection with industry, fosters a new start-up venture, or enables a translational grant submission.
  • How well the project fits into the long-term goals of the research theme, the center, and/or IALS. How does your proposal enable the center’s goals and missions?


Deadlines, Award Disbursal and Stipulations

Midigrants are reviewed quarterly and are due on the 15th of January, April, July and October. If funds cannot wait to be awarded until the next quarterly deadline, please reach out to ialscenters@umass.edu and we will do our best to accommodate.

Submitted applications are reviewed by the Center Leadership Committees. Applications may be approved, conditionally approved, or returned for further questions. 

Upon application approval, the full approved amount will be set up in a new non-sponsored project chartstring for the lead PI.  Summit access will be given to the PIs and business managers.

The funding period for Midigrants is 12 months.


Report on Use of Funds

Upon completion of the funding period, we will ask for a basic report of progress and outcomes from your project, including extramural funding decision, when known.  PIs may also be asked to give a short presentation to the Center Steering Committees.  This session may be recorded and made available to other IALS faculty.


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To apply for an IALS Midigrant, please submit applications via webform.