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Histology–Tissue Resources

HistoSpring works with surgeons and pathologists at Baystate Medical Center to acquire tissues needed for research. This facility currently has a bank of over 200 normal breast tissues with associated interview data as well as data and specimens (blood and tissue) from breast cancer patients who are enrolled in the Rays of Hope Breast Research Registry. Occasionally breast tumor specimens are provided and fixed, frozen and processed for organoid culture. The facility also coordinates the collection of ovarian tumor tissues with matching blood. These tumors are also formalin fixed paraffin embedded, snap frozen and frozen in DMSO as organoids. Collections are ongoing to support fresh tissue needs.  Depending on investigator requirements there is potential for specific treatments (i.e. explant cultures) and to expand to several other tissue types.

HistoSpring has the capability to process and paraffin embed human, animal and plant tissues, section fixed or frozen tissues, as well as perform histological analyses.

  • Immunohistochemical analysis using a Dako autoimmunostainer allows for larger batch staining with antibodies in a controlled fashion.  
  • Isolation and analysis of specific cell populations in fixed and frozen tissues using a laser capture micro-dissection.
  • Technical staff is available for all histological tasks as well as providing training.  See “Rates and Services” for pricing information.
  • 2 DAKO auto-immunostainers
  • conventional robotic histology system
  • Leica autostainer
  • Leica autoprocessor
  • Leica CM3050 cryostat


  Internal Academic External
Processing and Embedding      
Process and embed only per block  $4.50 $5.95 $7.90
Process, embed, and H&E per block $7.50 $10.00 $13.50
Dissection for processing and embedding (per hour) $32.00 $43.00 $57.00
Sectioning with or without H&E Staining      
H&E staining from an existing block per slide $3.00 $4.00 $5.50
Unstained slides from an existing block per slide $2.00 $2.75 $3.75
Independent use of microtome (per hour) $21.00 $29.00 $38.00
Frozen Section      
Mandatory consultation for all new frozen work $54.00 $71.00 $93.00
Snap freezing, embedding for samples per block $10.00 $13.00 $18.50
Cryosectioning (per hour) $32.00 $43.00 $57.00
Independent use of cryotome (per hour) $21.00 $29.00 $38.00
Laser Capture Microscopy      
Personnel time $47.00 $63.00 $83.00
Training $60.00 $79.00 $104.00
Use of LCM after training (per hour) $21.00 $28.00 $37.00
Supplies-Chargeback current costs      

Tissue Procurement Services

  Internal Academic External
Tissue Collection (Breast & Ovarian Registry)      
Fresh tissue collection (per sample) $21.00 $29.00 $38.00
Snap Frozen Tissue $18.85 $25.00 $33.00
Section of paraffin tissue (3-6 uM) from Tissue Registry
(per section)
$3.10 $3.75 $5.00
Section of paraffin tissue (7-20 uM) from Tissue Registry
(per section)
$4.10 $4.75 $6.00
HMEC Cells (p0) (per sample) $319.00 $420.00 $550.00
HMEC Cells (p1) (per sample) $345.00 $450.00 $595.00
HMEC Cells (p2) (per sample) $370.00 $490.00 $645.00
Whole organ culture (per sample) $44.00 $58.00 $76.00
Conditionally immortalized HMEC cells (per sample) $370.00 $490.00 $645.00
Fresh spheroids $20.50 $28.50 $37.50
Organoids (per line) $145.00 $192.50 $255.00
Custom Collection (requests for speciments are reviewed to ensure the availability of tissues)      
Fresh tissue collection (per sample) $21.00 $29.00 $38.00
Whole organ culture (per sample) $44.00 $58.00 $76.00
Snap frozen tissue (50mg) $4.50 $6.00 $8.00
Blood Collection (Banked from Registry)      
Blood-Unprocessed $9.75 $12.75 $17.00
Blood-FTA spots (per spot) $17.00 $22.50 $29.50
Blood-plasma or serum (0.5mL) $18.00 $24.00 $32.00
Buffy coat (0.1mL) $18.00 $24.00 $32.00
Custom Collection (requests for speciments are reviewed to ensure availability of tissues)      
Blood-unprocessed Contact for pricing    
Blood-plasma or serum (0.5mL) Contact for pricing    
Blood specimen processing Contact for pricing    


  Internal Academic External
Additional Services Available (Add on Services)      
Special Stains      
Customer responsible for cost of reagents varies varies varies
Staining (per hour) $33.00 $43.00 $57.00
IHC Autostainer $18 $23 $31
IHC (by hand)      
     IHC (by hand) Labor (per hour) $33 $43 $57
     IHC (by hand) Reagent Cost varies varies varies
Client responsible for cost of primary antibody varies varies varies
IRB Assistance (per hour) $54.00 $70.00 $95.00
Consultation Fees      
Histology consultation $54.00 $70.00 $95.00
Expedited service request 20% 20% 20%
Common Supplies      
Cassette $0.70 $0.95 $1.25
Slide Boxes $14 $18 $21
Client is responsible for all shipping costs      
  • Any Dako FlexKit usage will increase cost-contact HistoSpring for additional info
  • Antibody optimization required

Updated on 08/19/22