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Exercise Intervention and Outcomes

Exercise Intervention and Outcomes


COVID-19 Status

  • In person Human subject experiments = full stop.
  • Virtual meetings/consultations = by appointment.
  • Equipment use: limited availability, contact facility for review/determination.

PDF iconCOVID-19 Addendum to Standard Operating Procedures


The Exercise Intervention & Outcomes core houses a wide variety of equipment that provides researchers with facilities in which they can: 

  • Evaluate clinical markers of health: height, weight, cardio-metabolic function, strength, and blood/biopsy generated measures.
  • Complete participant characterization: strength, metabolic capacity, cardiac function, body composition (bone, fat, muscle) – including separation of visceral and subcutaneous abdominal fat
  • Conduct exercise intervention studies in a controlled setting. Participants can be closely monitored to ensure compliance to ensure precision in dose/response measures.
  • Evaluate a wide range of health-related biomarkers in the core or utilize other IALS Cores for additional characterization
  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry Unit
Exercise Training $5 $8 $9 hour
Exam Rooms $9 $14 $15 hour
Testing Room $14 $22 $24 hour
iDXA $50 $80 $190 scan1
Oxycon $16 $26 $28 hour
Oroboros $12 $19 $21 hour
Technical Support Junior $40 $70 $85 hour
Technical Support Senior $70 $115 $125 hour
Technical Support Director $100 $160 $175 hour

Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
*costs reflect the use of equipment by a PI/Partner furnished staff who have been certified for use by the Core Director, if staffing is required additional rates will apply.
1includes having a certified technician perform the scan and appropriate medical oversight.

FY21 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees


Training for new users consists of:

  • lab safety training,
  • operation of the instrument and associated software,
  • use of data analysis software,
  • exporting or presenting data,
  • clean up and shutdown of the instrumentation.

Facility Online Manager (FOM) (access and reservations)