The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kevin Zheng

Core Facility Intern-Mobile Health Sensing and Analytics Laboratory (mHealth Lab) 

Department of Computer Engineering | College of Information & Computer Science; College of Engineering | BS '22

In his lab, Kevin worked on an eBike project. The goal was to integrate bikes into everyday lives to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. In order to combat this task, Kevin used bikes as data collectors. He strapped sensors on, uploaded the data to the cloud server, and analyzed the data to understand how people were using the bikes. He also brainstormed infrastructure improvements and ways to integrate the bikes in accordance with preexisting public transit systems. 

Kevin also took part in a high school outreach program. He worked with 13 local students to teach them computer science and machine basics with a health sensing focus. 

Definitely through this internship I'm learning a lot about how sensors work and how they can collect data with people, and how you can understand and analyze that data to make some inferences or assumptions about people's lives. 

Kevin Zheng