The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jyotika Vallurupalli

Core Facility Intern-Center for Human Health and Performance (CH2P)

Department of Public Health | School of Public Health and Health Sciences | BS '21

Throughout the summer, Jyotika mainly worked with the ultrasound machine located in the Center. She used it to measure limb blood flow as well as blood velocity. Vascular imaging was a challenging, yet highly rewarding, utilization of the machine for Jyotika. 

Being in a kinesiology lab definately gives me more of an insight on the human body and how it operates, different kinds of abilities we have, and kind of looking deeper into anatomy than I would have if I had just taken a class. So I definately think that I've gotten a unique insight that I wouldn't have gotten throughout my education. 

Jyotika Vallurupalli