The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gabriella Lalli Martins

Core Facility Intern-Center for Human Health and Perfromance (CH2P)

Department of Computer Science (AOC) and Linguistics | College of Information and Computer Science; College of Humanities and Fine Arts | BA '22

Gabi spent most of her time working on Vector-- a highly influential home robot. She used Vector as a means of promoting people to perform more physical activity. This notion roots from behavior change theories which argue that a person is more likely to exercise if they have a strong emotional connection to something encouraging them to do so. In this case, Vector fostered that connection. Gabi also developed her knowledge of coding throughout the internship. 

This is an interesting experience because I get to code in a different language than Python, which I haven't done before. And, I can see the actual consequences of my coding and what actually happens with it. 


Gabriella Lalli Martins