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In an effort to support essential personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic, UMass Amherst fabricated and distributed 81,000 face shields throughout the region. If your organization is in need of face shields, please fill out the UMass Face Shield Request form, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

UMass Face Shield Request Form

UMass Face Shield Request Form

UMass Face Shield Design and Instruction Files

UMass Face Shield Design and Instruction Files
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Face Shield for Rapid Production

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a world-wide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) shortage for healthcare providers and the community.
To meet the enormous world-wide demand, a face shield has been designed that can be rapidly mass produced using die cutting or laser cutter.

TEAM: A cross-disciplinary team of UMass Amherst researchers and clinicians in the region have worked together to address the need for the rapid production of face shields, a key piece of personal protection equipment, to improve the safety and health of those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and for use in the community who are facing a severe shortage.

National survey shows dire shortages of PPE, hand sanitizer across the U.S.

DESIGN: The UMass face shield is fabricated entirely out of the face shield material (thin PET film: 0.010”). It uses a curved fold to contour to the forehead and angle the shield to allow for glasses/googles and the nose. The head strap is part of the shield and uses a barbed arrow locking mechanism to secure around the wearer's head.

FABRICATION: The design can be rapidly fabricated using either laser cutters or die cutting machines without the need for any post-processing or additional materials, which can increase manufacturing time and cause supply chain issues. Production using a laser cutter requires minimal setup time. Industrial die cutting processes can be implementing in days, which can produce face shields in the tens of thousands per day per machine with minimal workforce to reduce spread of infection.

USER INSTRUCTIONS: We have provided instructions for use of the face shield. It is key that the wearer folds the mask along the curved line for best fit. Clear imprinted of instructions on the face shield are recommended. View the instructional video above.

REALIZATION: This design can be adopted by hospitals and also in the community such as nursing homes, grocery stores and other places where people still need to gather. It can be produced using resources that may be idle or underutilized during this critical period.

The Team

Frank Sup-Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Meghan Huber-Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Peter Reinhart-Founding Director of the Institute for Applied Life Sciences
David Follette-Director of Advanced Digital and Design Fabrication, UMass Core Facilities
Rachel Walker-Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Dr. Pierre Rouzier-Family Physician/Sports Medicine, University Health Services
Ellen Smithline-PhD candidate, College of Nursing
Dr. Howard Smithline, ER Physician
Kenneth Carter-Professor, Department of Polymer Science & Engineering
James Flynn-Assistant Dean Research Business Development, College of Information and Computer Sciences
Andrew Vinard-Director of UMass Core Facilities
Colby Norwood-Machine Shop, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Asmit Jain-Advanced Digital and Design Fabrication, UMass Core Facilities

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