Adam Forbes

Core Facility Intern-Raman, IR and XRF Spectroscopy

Department of Food Science and Math| College of Natural Sciences| BS '24

Adam spent their summer working in Raman, IR and XRF Spectroscopy lab. They worked on a project about the color stability of anthocyanins, which are the blue, red, and purple pigments found in many plants, but especially berries. Day to day Adam did literature reviews, designed experiments to measure the color stability, preparing samples, and collecting using Raman and XRF about different types of iron sources. "I think that the most rewarding aspect of my internship is that I have a large degree of independence on my project, so it's kind of like my baby. When I finished up the data analysis for a large part of my project, that was super rewarding because I had actually found out something new about the iron and anthocyanin interaction."

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