Gabriella Curry

Core Facility Intern - Raman, IR, & XRF Spectroscopy

Chemical Engineering Department | College of Engineering | BS '24

Gabriella is from Collegeville, PA and will graduate from UMass in 2024 with a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Engineering Management. Gabriella’s daily tasks varied; when she was working on an experiment, she cultured and plated bacteria. One of her experiments aimed to detect bacteria using smartphone microscopes. Gabriella also used ImageJ to count bacteria, and she became skilled in synthesizing data into reports and presentations for her lab director.

This was Gabriella’s first experience working with the Core Facilities. She applied to this program because she wanted to see if research was something that she would be interested in pursuing in the long-run. Gabriella also worked on a project detecting silver nanoparticles — she was very excited to use Raman spectroscopy on this project and learn more about it!

Gabriella has had a rewarding internship experience, saying “The most rewarding part for me is working with my supervisor and receiving feedback on all the work I’ve done. Also, learning how to present the work I’ve done in a way for people with no background knowledge on the topic to understand has been very cool as well.”

Following graduation, Gabriella will stay at UMass to complete the last year of her 4+1 program, where she’ll be earning her Master’s in Business Analytics. She’s interested in working in the business side of chemical engineering, where both of her degrees will be put to good use. Gabriella would “definitely” recommend this program, saying “The program is set up very well. We have some workshops coming up to help us with networking, resume building, and things like that, which is really helpful.”

Gabriella is a member of the UMass Women’s Soccer Team. She enjoys working out, hiking, and exploring different towns in Western Massachusetts. Gabriella’s favorite movie is Hacksaw Ridge, and she enjoys reading, doing puzzles, and cooking new dishes, including homemade pasta!

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