The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Technology Focus

Elateq focuses on the development of advanced electrochemical water treatment technology for simultaneous removal of pathogens, organic and inorganic contaminants. This approach enables scalable all-in-one treatment of complex water contamination under low energy requirements. Technology delivers water quality to meet regulations for wastewater discharge and reuse.

Current treatment technologies are complex, energy insufficient and costly. Elateq’s technology would greatly increase the efficiency of contaminants removal while reducing the costs, carbon footprint and labor associated with treatment operations.

Research Focus

Elateq focuses on establishing advanced electrochemical technologies to treat environmental media. Their approach is based on electrochemical processes that operate solely on low-level electricity allowing automatic control and maintenance without addition of chemicals.

Market Focus

Elateq technology is applicable and effective against variety of water contaminants at industrial and municipal scales. In addition, technology can be engineered for desalination.

Social Impact

Supporting access to clean water for all.

Intellectual Property (IP)

US Patent (provisional) filed Sept 2018

US Patent (non Provisional) filed on Sept 2019.

Progress to Date

  • June 2019: Established Elateq
  • July 2019: Pilot scale tested at 2 locations
  • August 2019: Added team members
  • October 2019: Joined Launch413 Accelerator
  • Spring 2019: Recieved MassCEC Catalyst Program Award


  • State Voucher Program for Core Facilities
Elateq Product Image
Contact Info

Roderick Anderson
MA CoFounder and CEO

Ljiljna Rajic
PhD CoFounder and CTO


Mila Getmansky Sherman
PhD and CFO

Daryl Jackson
MBA and Strategy & Operations Officer