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The IALS Collaboratories are research laboratory spaces for industry partners located in the Life Science Laboratories on the UMass Amherst Campus. These collaboratories can accommodate up to 16 residents which from start-up companies (developed at or external to UMass) to more established companies that seek space on campus. Residents are not limited to any specific industry and will have access to technologies to aid in precision manufacturing, medical device prototyping and validation, product candidate characterization and evaluation.

Current Residents

IALS current collaboratory residents.

Elateq logo
Cleaner and Greener Water Purification Technologies
Ernest Pharmaceuticals
Engineered Bacteria to Treat Advanced Cancer
High Energy Density Ultracapacitors
Latde Diagnostics
Novel tools to direct life-saving, early decision-making for bacterial infections
Organicin Scientific
Designing Drugs for the Post-antibiotic Era
  • Sixteen shared lab spaces (leased by 6 linear foot bench increments) 
  • Access to over 30 state-of-the-art UMass Core Facilities.
  • Spaces are adaptable to individual needs, and flexible to accommodate both basic and specialized equipment.
  • Access to conference rooms, event and dining spaces.
  • Month to month lease agreements.

IALS provides reasonably common lab equipment for research, including:

  • Chemical fume hoods
  • Deionized water, vacuum, and gas supply
  • Autoclaves, ice machines
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Write-up/desk space

Collaboratory Bench Space Rental: $800 monthly
Collaboratory Bench Space Rental-No Desk: $750 monthly

FY24 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

  • IP free zone
  • Maintenance of permits for all lab operations
  • Environmental Health and Safety training and compliance for all lab users
  • Maintenance of equipment and technical support
  • Cleaning and waste removal
  • Access to IALS hosted innovation focused programming
  • Access to world-class researchers on the UMass Amherst campus

If you are interested, please contact Andrew Vinard, Core Facilities Director at