Cell Culture

Cell Culture



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James Sherley, Asymmetrex® LLC–Kinetic Stem Cell (KSC) Counting – a new technology for routine determination of the specific fraction or dosage of therapeutic tissue stem cells 

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The Cell Culture Facility (CCF) located in the Life Science Laboratories supports research by providing space, equipment, cell cultures (plant and mammalian), media, supplies and training on a recharge basis for both academic labs and corporate partners. The Facility also offers technical expertise and hands on support for custom research projects. Labs are equipped with laminar flow hoods, incubators, centrifuges, refrigerators/freezers, basic microscopes and automated cell counters.

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  • Cell Line expansion and cryopreservation
  • Stem cell culture
  • Liquid nitrogen storage
  • Assay Development/optimization
  • CRISPR based gene editing and stable clone selection
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Lentiviral packaging, titer, transduction
  • Molecular biology

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    Plant Cell Culture Library (PCCL)

    The Plant Cell Culture Library (PCCL) at UMass Amherst is a globally unique collection of callus cell cultures representing more than 1,000 diverse plant species.  Plants produce over 200,000 different kinds of small organic chemicals called “secondary” or “specialized” metabolites that serve many important roles in plant biology, and have been used in various industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, flavors, dyes, dietary supplements and fragrances.
    This unique living resource is available to the entire research community to discover new biological pathways or new methods for plant based product development.

    Starter cultures and growth media may be purchased from the Collection for academic or commercial research with no IP or licensing restrictions.

    Search the Collection at umass.edu/ials/pccl-database.

    Mammalian Cell Culture (LSL S570)
    • 2 BSL2 Biosafety cabinets
    • 2 Heracell VIOS 160i Incubators
    • 4°C and -20°C storage
    • Inverted Nikon phase contrast microscope
    • Centrifuge
    • Countess FLII automated cell counter (red/green fluorescence capability)
    • CELLINK Bio X 3-D Bioprinter
    • Common consumables and media on re-charge basis

    General Cell Culture (S471)
    • 2 BSL2 Biosafety cabinets
    • 2 Heracell VIOS 160i Incubators (1 with low oxygen capability)
    • Refrigerator
    • -20 Freezer
    • -80 Freezer
    • Liquid nitrogen storage
    • Inverted Nikon phase contrast microscope
    • Common consumables and media on re-charge basis

    Plant Cell Culture (LSL S579)
    • 2 BSL2 Biosafety cabinets
    • Germinator 500 instrument sterilizer

    Media prep station, with

    • Barnstead EASYpure water filtration system
    • Analytical balance and bench scale
    • Magnetic stir plates
      Campus Users Other Academic Institutions External Users
    Facility Access Fee $250/quarter $325/quarter $500/quarter
    Facility Access Fee-Additional Lab Member $100/quarter $130/quarter $200/quarter
    PCCL Starter Culture $200 $260 $400
    Mycoplasma Testing $30/each $40/each $60/each
    Technican Time $75/hour $100/hour $150/hour
    Rates are subject to change and do not include shipping, contact facility to verify current fees.

    FY24 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees


      Cell Culture Facility: The equipment in this facility allow for routine mammalian cell culture work and includes incubators, hoods, refrigeration, centrifuges, microscopes, pipettes, etc. This facility allows for walk-in usage by users and will soon provide services including cell passage, storage, transfection, etc.

      FY24 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

      Updated July 2023