Bioproduction / Separation facility


The Bioproduction/Separation Core provides state of the art facilities for fermentation and separation/purification of biomolecules. The facility has instruments at a variety of scales, that enable parallel high-throughput culturing for optimizing conditions. Mid-scale production is also available for synthesizing larger quantities of biomolecules. Protein separation units and a tangential flow filtration unit are available to purify and formulate the molecules of interest. In addition to the bioreactors, the laboratory houses some basic items needed for microbial culture including laminar flow hood, autoclave, incubator shakers, etc. A list of fermentation and separation instrumentation is found below.

  • Applikon Mini Bioreactors

    The lab has five 500 mL MiniBio bioreactors that represents a scale down model of laboratory bioreactors. The MiniBio systems have the same flexibility and controls as the laboratory scale bioreactors. This means that the MiniBio systems can be customized to fit the demands of any process. The small volume reduces medium costs and reduces the use of expensive bench space. These small units are perfect for:

    • Screening studies
    • Media optimization
    • Process optimization
    • Microbial and Cell culture

  • Applikon 3L and 15L Bioreactors

    Applikon 3L and 15L Bioreactors

    The lab has a 3L and a 15L bioreactor controlled by Applikon’s ez controllers. The ez-Control is an easy to use system for bioreactors and fermenters that accurately controls for pH, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Foam/Level and Agitation. The color touch screen interface guides the user through the operation. The adaptive control features allow the user to focus on the process while the controller keeps tight control on the important process parameters.

  • Sorvall Lynx 6000 centrifuge

    The lab has a Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ LYNX 6000 Superspeed Centrifuge for high-speed separations. The Lynx has a maximum speed of 29,000 rpm (100k xg) with a temperature range of -20 to 40°C. There are 2 fixed angle carbon fiber rotors that allow volumes from 14x50 mL conical tubes up to 6x1 liter to be processed. A swinging bucket rotor allows for up to 4x1 L volumes.

  • Constant Systems CF Range Cell Disruptor

    The CF cell disruptor in the core is a “French press” type system to lyse cells and extract expressed proteins. Once a sample is drawn into our high pressure cylinder, pressure is built until it reaches the value set by the user. Then a piston forces the sample through a fixed orifice at high velocity before it impacts on a cooled heat exchange surface, and then flows through an outlet for collection.

  • AKTA Pure 25M and 25L with fraction collectors

    ÄKTA Pure 25M and 25L with Fraction Collectors

    ÄKTA pure is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system for fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram to gram levels of target product.

    • Modular system design with a large range of options to allow flexibility in purification of proteins and peptides.
    • Customizable system that is easy to upgrade as your research needs develop.
    • Reliable system with components and integrated features based on the proven design of ÄKTA avant.
    • UNICORN software simplifies your work by providing simple, intuitive, and flexible total system control including drag-and-drop method creation.
    • Predefined method settings for all GE Healthcare lab-scale chromatography columns.


ÄKTA Flux 6

ÄKTA flux is a versatile cross flow filtration system for sample concentration and diafiltration as well as cell harvest and clarification.

  • Low working and hold-up volumes to support a wide range of concentration factors
  • Automated end-point control and data logging
  • Flexible handling of both hollow fiber cartridges and cassettes
  • Versatile design enables use in both ultra- and microfiltration applications
  • Easy-to-use operator interface

The ÄKTA flux system allows effortless filtrations using cassettes and hollow fiber filter cartridges. It is available in two versions: ÄKTA flux s for research and filter screenings, and ÄKTA flux 6 for process development and scale-up experiments.

The ÄKTA flux filtration system is well-suited for use in protein purification workflows as a complement to the ÄKTA chromatography systems.

2x25L GE WAVE Bioreactors

The single-use ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 bioreactor system is a reliable and intuitive cell culture device for working volumes in the 0.3 to 25 L range. Designed to meet the demands of a regulated environment, the system offers reliable performance, accurate process control, and ease-of-use.

The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 system consists of a rocker (ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Rocker), control units (ReadyToProcess CBCU), and pumps (ReadyToProcess Pump 25), all operated by UNICORN software installed on a client computer.




Other Academic


Lab Access (fermentation) Quarter $500.00 $650.00 $875.00
AKTA (4 hour min.) Hour $25.00 $35.00 $50.00
Fermentors (Basic–3L) Day $16.00 $20.00 $30.00
Fermentors (Complex–15L) Day $40.00 $50.00 $70.00

Minor equipment (cell disruptor,
centrifuge, Applicon (500 ml)

Hour $20.00 $25.00 $35.00
Technical Support Hour $75.00 $100.00 $130.00
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.

FY22-23 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

BioProduction and Separation Core Facility: The instruments in this facility enable both production and separation of biomolecules of interest to Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) research groups. Instruments include New Brunswick BioFlo III controlled fermentation system and Hel Ltd. BioXplorer four chamber bioreactor to run simultaneous cultures under different conditions; 16 x 500 ml MiniBioreactor to support the cultivation of both microbial and higher eukaryotic cells; Micro-Matrix 24-well small scale (5 ml culture per well) bioreactor system for high-throughput screening of cultures/isolates for particular functions as well as identification of optimal culturing conditions; two PhotoBio autoclavable 3L bioreactors for mid-scale production of biomolecules from both microbial and higher eukaryotic cells; two ATKA chromatography systems for protein purification at the research laboratory scale. In addition to the bioreactors, the laboratory houses basic items needed for microbial culture including laminar flow hood, autoclave, incubator shakers, research-grade microscopes. A YSI biochemistry analyzer is available for off-line measurements of extracellular species concentrations.

FY22-23 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

March 2022