The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Formulatrix Robotics System for Crystallization

Formulator 10

The Formulator is a next-generation liquid handler that uses patented microfluidic technology to dispense up to ten times faster than traditional liquid handlers and is capable of dispensing viscous reagents. The Formulator 10 has 9 inputs for either 250 mL Nalgene bottles, 125 mL Nalgene bottles, or 50 mL Falcon tubes.




The NT8 is a fast, compact, nanoliter-volume liquid handler with drop dispensing capability, including LCP experiments. The 8-tip head aspirates and dispenses drops from 50 nL to 1.5 μL. Dry dispense any volume between 50 nL - 1.5 μL of a range of fluids with CV´s averaging 5%.