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Animal Imaging facility

Animal Imaging

Designed to assist members of the research community at UMass and on other Five College campuses to conduct research using live animal imaging technologies. The IVIS animal imager is the first such animal imager available for use in western Massachusetts.

  1. The SkyScan 1276 is a high performance, stand-alone, fast, desk-top in vivo micro-CT with continuously variable magnification for scanning small laboratory animals and biological samples. It has an unrivalled combination of high resolution, big image size, possibility for round and spiral (helical) scanning and reconstruction, and low dose imaging. The image field of view (up to 80 mm wide and more than 300 mm long) allows full body mouse and rat scanning.
  2. With Materials Testing Stage (MTS)
  • Animal Ultrasound: SonoVet Color Doppler Ultrasound System
    Offers live animal imaging with enhanced Doppler blood flow analysis. Reduces animal model numbers and experimental variation by allowing researchers to monitor disease or treatment progression in a smaller number of animals over time.
  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry
Animal Imaging $75/hour $105/hour  
Animal Imaging with Operator $110/hour $135/hour $195/hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.

FY19 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees