Tuition Waiver/Remission Form for Benefited UMass Amherst Employees

Benefited University faculty and staff should complete and submit the Tuition Waiver/Remission Form to Human Resources to request reduction in tuition charged for classes they or qualified dependents are taking at a Massachusetts public institution of higher education. Please reference the Tuition Waiver webpage and University Trustee policy for detailed information.


Benefited UMass Amherst Employee Tuition Waiver/Remission Application Process:

Benefited employees requesting a tuition waiver should complete boxes 1 & 2 of the Tuition Waiver/Remission Form (securing completion of Box 3 if applicable) and e-mail the form to AskHR@umass.eduplease note, your signature is required on the form. UMass Amherst HR will complete Box four and:

  • If the class(es) are being taken at UMass Amherst, e-mail the completed form to the UMass Amherst Bursar cc the employee
  • If the classes(es) are being taken at another MA public institution of higher education, e-mail the complete form to the employee for submission to the Bursar at the school where classes are being taken. Please note, if a hard copy form with wet signature is needed please include your mailing address in the email when submitting the form.