Tuition Benefits

Please note: tuition waiver/remission/discount/credit benefits differ by bargaining unit. For specific information please reference the bargaining agreement under which an employee, and their dependent(s), tuition benefits are defined. Where the term 'benefited employee' appears below it refers to an employee who is eligible for insurance benefits through the MA Group Insurance Commission ("GIC").

Tuition Retention

With the implementation of Tuition Retention in fall 2016 many mandatory fees that were separately listed on the Bursar's bill are folded into 'tuition'. "Tuition Credit" and "Tuition Remission" below apply to the dollar value of educational expenses previously defined as "tuition" prior to mandatory fees being folded in. If your tuition credit eligibility does not change, the current tuition waiver will be converted to a tuition credit of the same value on your future bill.

Tuition Credits

Full-time benefited employees receive a 100% tuition credit per semester for regularly scheduled courses (2) (3). Spouses, domestic partners (1) and dependent children (as defined under IRS rules of benefited employees with:

  • 2+ full-time years of University service are eligible for a 50% tuition credit for regularly scheduled courses. 
  • less than 2 full-time years of University service are eligible for a partial tuition credit.

Information about tuition and the dollar value of dependent tuition credits are provided on the Bursar's Office website. Please note:

  1. Domestic partners are eligible for tuition benefits under some bargaining unit agreements.
  2. Regularly scheduled courses exclude Continuing and Professional Education courses.
  3. Tuition waivers do not apply to physician training at UMass Worcester Medical School or to classes at the law school.
  4. Tuition waivers for graduate level courses are subject to applicable taxes.
  5. An employee's effective date of employment must be prior to the first day of classes to be eligible.

Tuition Remission for Courses at Other Massachusetts State Institutions of Higher Education

Benefited UMass Amherst employees are eligible for tuition remission for courses offered at non-University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts public institutions of higher education based on the following criteria:

  • Full-time employees, their spouses and unmarried dependent children (through age 25) meeting eligibility and admission requirements will, after six (6) months of continuous service, receive 100% tuition remission for regularly scheduled courses and 50% tuition remission for Continuing Education courses.
  • Part-time employees (employed at least 50% time, with at least six (6) months of full-time equivalent service), their spouses and unmarried dependent children (through age 25) are eligible for a 50% tuition remission for regularly scheduled courses and a 25% remission for Continuing Education courses.

Information about the dollar value of a Tuition Remission is available from that institution's Bursar's Office.

How to Apply for a Tuition Credit or Remission

  1. Get the tuition credit and remission form at the Human Resources Employee Service Center.
  2. Complete the form before the semester starts. Then return it to the Employee Service Center.
  3. The HR representative will review your eligibility based on the completed form and will return it to you.
  4. Take the form to the Bursar's Office at the university or college where you are taking the course. (UMass Amherst Bursar)
  5. Register for the class. Ask the registrar at the school where you're taking the course about registration. (UMass Amherst Registrar)

  This information is provided as a general reference; where information that appears here differs from Trustee or University policy, the policy prevails.