PSU/MTA Sick Leave Bank Policy and Application

The Sick Leave Bank was established under the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement (Article 20.2). It is intended to provide paid leave time to members who:

  • are absent from work due to a non-work related injury or illness where there is a reasonable expectation, based on medical documentation, of the member returning to the position held at the time a medical leave due to the illness or injury began. The Sick Leave Bank is not intended as a substitute for Long-Term Disability Insurance protection.
  • need paid leave time until an approved application for Long-Term Disability Insurance benefit becomes effective.
  • are absent from work due to parental leave or serious illness of a family household member.

If you are out of work for five or more days, you must apply to your department (for instance, your supervisor) for a leave from your position. Departmental approval of your leave secures your job and benefits while you are on an approved leave.