Pay Process and Schedule

If you are in a faculty or staff position with benefits, you will receive a hiring package at orientation. Orientations are conducted by Human Resources staff and are scheduled by the department that hired you.


How do I get paid?

The University of Massachusetts has a bi-weekly payroll system. You get paid every other Friday as shown on our Pay Calendar.

See Your Paycheck in HR Direct Self-Service

Pay statements are available online in HR Direct's Employee Self Service. If you have more than one job on campus, you can expect your earnings to be combined in a single payment. However, there may be some instances where separate payments are issued.

Emergency Salary Payments

Payroll advances against future salary are not allowed under any circumstances. Advances are only available in the event that an administrative error has led to an employee not getting paid and provided that the employee has completed and submitted all of the forms/documentation required in order to be placed on the University payroll. Employing departments, rather than individual employees, make arrangements for an advance by contacting Human Resources.

Name and Address Changes

If your name changes, bring your updated Social Security card to the Employee Service Center. Please process any address changes online through HR Direct's Employee Self Service.