Open Enrollment: Met/Hyatt Legal Plan & InfoArmor Plus Identity Theft Protection

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Met/Hyatt Legal is a voluntary benefit providing benefited* employees who enroll, and their family members, professional legal counsel for $18.25 per month (paid via payroll deduction). Covered legal matters include, but are not limited to, estate planning, real estate issues, defense of non-DUI traffic tickets and family law issues (eg, adoption and name changes). February 3 – February 29, 2020 is the once annual opportunity for benefited UMass faculty and staff to enroll for coverage under the University’s Met/Hyatt Legal Plan or to discontinue current coverage under the plan using the University's Corestream/Compass website (

InfoArmor Privacy Armor Plus  is identity theft protection coverage available for $9.95/month for an individual plan, $17.95/month for family coverage (paid via payroll deduction). Benefited* employees may enroll at any time vis the University's Corestream/Compass website ( Participants receive alerts for credit inquiries, accounts opened in the member’s name, compromised credentials, security breaches & have a “dedicated Privacy Advocate” available 24/7.


For more information about either plan and other University discounts, please log into the University’s Corestream/Compas website ( or call the plan administrator, Corestream, at 855-990-3300.

*University of Massachusetts faculty and staff who are eligible for coverages through the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission ("GIC").