New Employee Required Workshops

These required trainings will get you off to the right start in your employment at the University. We value you and the talents you bring to this workplace. 

New employees are required to take a session in each of the below two categories. You are expected to attend both trainings within the first six months of your employment.

  1. Respectful Workplace Training
  2. Harassment Prevention & Title IX

Other Required Trainings

Massachusetts law requires non-student employees to successfully complete:

You will receive notice of this Conflict of Interest Policy yearly through HR Direct. Timely completion of the Conflict of Interest training is a job requirement for all individuals employed in a non-student position by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Please submit a copy of the printed Conflict of Interest training certificate to the Human Resources Employee Service Center after completing the training.

All Faculty and Staff that are designated Responsible Employees are mandatory reporters for sexual harassment and are required to complete the online training:

Harassment Prevention and Title IX

All University employees are encouraged to complete this training. Responsible Employees are required to do so and will receive notice of this requirement.

Departments may have additional training requirements for new employees based on job needs and department expectations. If you are unsure what trainings to attend, contact your supervisor and departmental HR staff.

More educational and training opportunities (optional) are available for all University employees, please visit The Partnership for Worker Education and Workplace Learning & Development. Please call us if you have questions.