Modern Workplace Working Group

Group Members

  • William Brown – Associate Dean for Financial Operations & Strategic Initiatives, Isenberg School of Management 
  • Rolanda Burney – Chief of Staff, Chancellor’s Office 
  • Shane Conklin – Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities &Campus Services 
  • Donna Falcetti – Assistant Dean, College of Information and Computer Sciences 
  • Deborah Gould – Associate Provost, Administration and Finance, Provost’s Office 
  • Trevor Graham – Director, Financial Planning & Data Analysis, College of Natural Science 
  • Corey Griffin – Director, Faculty Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources 
  • Matthew Harrington – IT Head of Portfolio Management, Information Technology 
  • Norma Nunnally (co-chair) – Director of Human Resources, University Health Services 
  • Pete Smith – Director of SACL Communication & Professional Development, SACL 
  • Nefertiti Walker – Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Susan Weldon (co-chair) – Senior Director for Employee Engagement, Human Resources 
  • Liz Williams – Director of Survey Research, Academic Planning & Assessment