Modern Workplace Initiative

Our experience of working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic provided valuable insights into the possibilities and potential benefits of Flexible Work Arrangements for our employees and for our institution. 

UMass Amherst recognizes that the use of Flexible Work Arrangements can support academic and business objectives while also promoting goals related to employee engagement, retention, recruitment, and overall employee satisfaction. 

Starting in July 2021 and through the next 6 to 8 months, the Modern Workplace Working Group will explore how a more flexible workplace can be implemented while continuing to provide an exceptional educational experience to our thousands of students as they return to our campus. The working group will examine best practices, gather feedback from the campus community, and make policy recommendations going forward.  

While there are certain positions that require an on-campus presence or standard hours, we believe that there are many others that may benefit from a more flexible framework. The Modern Workplace Initiative will comprehensively examine how flexible work may impact campus and what steps the university should take to ensure flexible work options are successful, including examining technology and workspace considerations, supervising in a flexible schedule environment, and how to implement flex work while considering diversity and equity. The initiative will also incorporate staff unions into its work through a dedicated flexible work labor/management committee structure.