Labor Relations

Labor Relations represents the University for collective bargaining of contracts. We are the employer’s agent in contract and labor management matters. We administer the contracts and bargaining agreements, with the exception of the GEO and MSP contracts. The GEO and MSP contracts are administered by the Office of the Provost. Labor Relations has four areas of accountability.

  • Your Bargaining Unit (Union) At hire, your hiring supervisor will inform you if your position is part of a collective bargaining unit and represented by a union. Not sure of your bargaining unit? See Bargaining Unit FAQs.  Your Bargaining Unit Agreement Each bargaining unit has a bargaining unit agreement (contract) that sets forth your wages, hours, sick time and other employment conditions. 
  • Non-unit employees - both classified and professional - are governed by their respective handbooks: Non-Unit Classified Staff Handbook and the Non-Unit Professional Staff Handbook. Non-unit positions are not governed by a bargaining unit contract.
  • Supervisors, managers and administrators who work with bargaining-unit employees may contact us for help with:
  • Following are additional forms regarding Labor Relations procedures: Notice of Loudermill Hearing Template Didn't find what you were looking for? Browse Labor Relations documents in the HR Library.
  • Am I a represented or non-represented employee? (union vs. non-union) An employee represented by a bargaining unit is a union employee. Ask your hiring supervisor if your position is represented by a union.