Labor Relations

Helen Bowler
Acting Labor Relations Director

Responsible for providing leadership and day to day administration of the Labor Relations Office,  working collaboratively with departments to achieve optimal solutions to labor issues. Serves as the point of contact for PSU-A and Police contracts in the absence of the Director.


Phil Brown
Labor Relations Representative
Susan Desormier
Labor Relations Coordinator
(413) 545-2736

Develops, implements and administers all grievance procedures for 9 out of the 11 unions on campus. Assist management with performance concerns, disciplinary action and conflict management issues    

Brian Harrington
Director of Labor Relations

Chief negotiator for PSU-A, NEPBA, IBPO and RA's. Responsible for grievances and other employment issues for those groups and all non-unit employees. Advise department heads and personnel officers on employment matters. Develop and modify policies and procedures for all employees.

Maite Parsi
Sr. Labor Relations Representative

Provides guidance to supervisors, personnel officers, and department heads on employment matters for USA/MTA, RAPMU and GEO employees. Areas include contract administration, performance management, leaves, discipline, and other areas of compliance with contractual requirements. Chief negotiator... more about Maite

Donald Teres
Labor Relations Specialist
(413) 545-2736

Responsible for administering and monitoring the following contracts for compliance: AFSCME0 01, AFSCME 03, and PSU-B. I am also the chief spokesperson for collective bargaining with those three units and assist departments with related issues and concerns; administer grievances at all steps... more about Donald