Key Concepts

Guiding Principles and Values

The Modern Workplace working group will be guided by the following principles as we explore flexible work options: 

  1. MISSION - Our mission at UMass Amherst is to provide an affordable and accessible education of high quality and to conduct programs of research and public service. As these activities are primarily conducted in-person for the benefit or our students, any examination of flexible work must consider the impact on our student population.  
  2. OPERATIONAL NEEDS – Decisions regarding flexible work must continue to allow the university to achieve institutional goals and meet school and business needs. 
  3. EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE – Fostering the holistic wellbeing of our employees through flexible workplace options is an essential factor in the engagement, retention, and satisfaction of our employees. 
  4. DIVERSITY - The University is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive work environment. Consideration of flexible work options should contribute to our ability to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.  
  5. EQUITY – While outcomes for various positions will vary depending on departmental need, a consistent and transparent process should be developed in order to ensure equity in decision making. 
  6. TRAINING – Ongoing training and support tied to flexible work arrangements will be essential to ensuring a successful flexible work environment. 
  7. FLEXIBILITY AND CREATIVITY – The University must be open to creative solutions for our employees that evolve over time to meet the changing needs of a flexible workplace while continuing to provide a collaborative work environment. 
  8. BUSINESS CONTINUITY – An infrastructure plan for technology, communications, and physical space will allow for efficient operations, consistency, and safety.