Intro to Workplace Anti-Bullying

The University of Massachusetts has launched an initiative aimed at increasing understanding of workplace bullying, reducing its occurrence, and clarifying the responsibility of supervisors to ensure a productive workplace.

Attendance at one of these workshops, online or classroom, is mandatory for all faculty and staff members (including post-docs) and for graduate student employees who receive stipends. Undergraduate and graduate student hourly employees are not expected to attend. 

Please see Workplace Climate and Bullying from the Office of the Chancellor for more information on campus efforts on workplace bullying.

All employees required to take this workshop will be granted release time to attend.

Enrollment in the online workshop is available by emailing The Partnership for Worker Education at  The Partnership will send you a link to the on-line training module. 

*Given the current context of a ban on public gatherings, we encourage you to take the on-line class to fulfill your requirement.

If you would prefer to take the classroom version of this workshop, please see the schedule below.  If all of the classroom workshops are closed, please check this site later in the year for upcoming dates. For any questions relating to this workshop, please email