Hire Package for Graduate Student Employees

This package is for new graduate student employees. New graduate student employees should complete and submit hiring forms to Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the start of his or her appointment. These forms are required if of all new graduate student employees with very few exceptions (if you are transitioning directly from a benefited or non-benefited staff position please come to Human Resources to identify the specific forms required). Required forms include the federally required I-9 Employment Eligibility and Verification form.  If you are in the vicinity of UMass Amherst please come to Human Resources, we can assist you to completing all required forms. If you are not in the vicinity of UMass Amherst you may complete the I-9 form with a notary public or an amenable Human Resources representative of another U.S. institution of higher education. If you require assistance locating a Human Resources representative please contact umasshires@umass.edu for assistance. Instructions for completing an I-9 with a notary public or Human Resources representative appear online here. When completing an I-9 remember you must bring original, unexpired I-9 supporting documents and submit copies of those documents to UMass Amherst with your hiring forms.