Am I a represented or non-represented employee? (union vs. non-union)

An employee represented by a bargaining unit is a union employee. Ask your hiring supervisor if your position is represented by a union.

What's my bargaining unit?

At your new employee orientation, a union representative will talk with you about your bargaining unit and your union dues. If a union representative is not able to attend your new employee orientation, they will contact you directly. If you are making your union dues through payroll deduction, you will find your bargaining unit code (abbreviation) on your pay statement in HR Direct. See a list of all bargaining units and unit codes under Bargaining Unit Agreements

How to See your Union Code on your Pay Statement

  1. Log into HR Direct.
  2. Click Select Paycheck under View Payslip.
  3. Click any Check Date.
  4. Your pay statement pops up.
  5. Under After Tax Deductions you see your Union Code if you are making union due payments under payroll deduction.

Sample of Pay Statement and Pay Statement Bargaining Unit Codes.

What if I transfer from a non-union job to a union job or from one union to another?

A union representative will contact you directly within a month If you transfer from a non-union job to a union job or if you transfer to a different union.