Faculty and Staff Assistance Program -- Our Services


Counseling and Personal Consultation

At FSAP we work with people struggling with a wide variety of difficulties.  No problem is too big or too small. People come to talk to us about work and relationship issues, depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse or really any personal or mental health problem.  We provide a confidential space to explore your difficulties. Some people are just looking for a place to “vent” but many people find that FSAP is a good place to begin to find solutions for their problems.

The work we do at FSAP is generally short term.  If you are looking for counseling that’s more regular or long-term, or if you are looking for specific expertise, we can help find you a therapist or treatment program that is a good fit and that takes your insurance.   Sometimes it takes a few sessions with us before an employee knows what it is that they are looking for.


Supervisor Consultations

Supervisors often come to meet with us to talk through a difficult issue with a supervisee.  Many times, supervisors seek us out because a supervisee is facing a major personal issue or a mental health issue and the supervisor wants to consult about how to handle it.  Sometimes supervisors seek us out because managing a supervisee is particularly difficult for them or pushes their buttons in some way. We are happy to consult with you by phone or in-person.  We also offer some tips here for referring an employee to FSAP.

FSAP can also come do a training with a group of your supervisors on topics specifically related to managing employees with mental health, substance abuse or anger management issues.

Supervisors at UMass may also wish to consult the Ombuds office who focus on communication and conflict resolution or Workplace Learning and Development who offer a lot of expertise in principles of good management.


FSAP is happy to come in to provide workshops for your team.  We can tailor a talk to the needs of your group. Here are some common workshop topics:

  • Mindfulness 101
  • Good Stress/Bad Stress
  • Assertiveness
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Introduction to Anger Management.