Employee Discounts & Perks

Discounts are available to University employees through a number of different sources. The University does not endorse any specific program or benefit, rather this listing is provided for informational purposes. Please contact each individual vendor with questions.

Health Insurance

Many health insurance plans provide a variety of discounts. These differ by plan. Employees with health insurance coverage through:

Discounts on Products and Services (including home & auto insurances)

The University system has arranged for discounts on a broad range of products and services (from electronics to auto rental and more) for benefited employees. Check out the discounts and offers on-line at UMass Compass and via telephone at 855-990-3330. Non-student non-benefited employees are eligibile for discounts offered through UMass Compass.

IT Discounts

The University Information Technologies provides information on discounts for Personal Cellular Telephone Purchases and Software and Computer Purchases

Other Discounts

Apart from those listed above, many businesses offer discounts to governmental employees or those who work in education. Do not hesitate to ask your hotel, car rental company, computer software or hardware or provider if they offer such discounts.