Direct Deposit

Direct Payroll Deposit is Required

You must enroll in direct deposit. Direct Deposit means your paycheck is automatically deposited into your account after you enroll.

How to Enroll

Your earnings will be electronically deposited into the bank(s) or credit union you designate (up to a maximum of four accounts) after you complete the Direct Deposit form. A pay statement detailing your earnings and deductions is available online in HR Direct. If you close your account or change bank account numbers, change your direct deposit information in HR Direct immediately to prevent a delay in getting paid.

  • Complete a direct deposit form online through HR Direct (recommended). Log into HR Direct
  • Or you may complete a paper Direct Deposit Form that you would need to return to the Employee Service Center, presenting a picture ID when you submit the form.
  • On the form tell us where to deposit your paycheck by entering your bank account(s) information.
  • You may enter your checking account or savings account - or both, up to a maximum of four accounts.