Employee Service Center and Benefits staff are each able to assist you with a broad range of questions. Each has specific areas of specialties. Contact a staff member directly for help.

Kelly Pleasant
(413) 545-1478

Insurances, retirement, workers' compensation, unemployment, personnel records, employee family/medical leave application process, administration of Sick Leave Banks: AFSCME, MSP, Non-Unit and USA/MTA.

Linda Bramhall
Employee Service Specialist
(413) 545-6110

Employee Service Center, new employee orientations, tuition discounts, unemployment, general informaton regarding insurances, retirement, and pay statements.

Natalie Figueroa
Personnel Records
(413) 545-3831

Personnel records for non-student and graduate student employees.

Randy Grzych
Employee Leaves Specialist and Personnel Records Supervisor
(413) 545-1473

Administration of the AFSCME, USA/MTA, PSU/MTA, NEPBO, and IBPO Sick Leave Banks, personnel records for non-student and graduate employees, general information regarding medical leaves, payroll, and benefits.

Beth Ives
Insurance Specialist
(413) 545-6115

Health, life, long-term disability, and dental insurances.  General information regarding new employee hiring paperwork, workers' compensation, OBRA retirement, and pay statements.

Leesa Lesenski
Workers Compensation Specialist
(413) 545-6114

Workers' compensation administration. General information regarding insurances, OBRA retirement, pay statements, and benefits.

Dorothy Shimel
Retirement Specialist
(413) 545-6113

State Employee's Retirement System, Optional Retirement Program, retirement "buybacks", and survivor benefits; general information regarding insurance, pay statements, and benefits.