Employee Service Center and Benefits staff are each able to assist you with a broad range of questions. Each has specific areas of specialties. Contact a staff member directly for help.

Kelly Pleasant
(413) 545-1478

Insurances, retirement, workers' compensation, unemployment, personnel records, employee family/medical leave application process, administration of Sick Leave Banks: AFSCME, MSP, Non-Unit and USA/MTA.

Natalie Figueroa
Personnel Records
(413) 545-3831

Personnel records for non-student and graduate student employees.

Randy Grzych
Employee Leaves Specialist and Personnel Records Supervisor
(413) 545-1473

Administration of the AFSCME, USA/MTA, PSU/MTA, NEPBO, and IBPO Sick Leave Banks, personnel records for non-student and graduate employees, general information regarding medical leaves, payroll, and benefits.

Beth Ives
Insurance Specialist
(413) 545-6115

Health, life, long-term disability, and dental insurances.  General information regarding new employee hiring paperwork, workers' compensation, OBRA retirement, and pay statements.

Leesa Lesenski
Workers Compensation Specialist
(413) 545-6114

Workers' compensation administration. General information regarding insurances, OBRA retirement, pay statements, and benefits.

Darlene Rowe
Employee Service Specialist

Employee Service Center, new employee orientations, tuition discounts, unemployment, general informaton regarding insurances, retirement, and pay statements.

Dorothy Shimel
Retirement Specialist
(413) 545-6113

State Employee's Retirement System, Optional Retirement Program, retirement "buybacks", and survivor benefits; general information regarding insurance, pay statements, and benefits.