AFSCME, PSU/MTA and USA/MTA Agreement with LMWE

Memorandum of Agreement: In support of a labor management trust fund to support workplace education programs

We recognize that the development of essential employee basic skills is integral to quality customer service, employee advancement and retention, employee job knowledge, employee skill levels, and overall operational work efficiencies. We concur that the success of the Labor/Management Workplace Education (LMWE) is a testament to our commitment to quality employee basic skills services. Since 1987 considerable good will, time and resources has been committed to this award-winning joint effort that has received much national, state, regional, and local recognition.

By supporting labor management workplace education programs, we recognize the critical importance of maintaining on-going opportunities for employees to improve such workplace basic skills as writing, reading, math, English, communication, computer, diversity and leadership. We recognize the importance of these sequential offerings for our multi-cultural workforce. Moreover, we affirm the worth of working together on this collaborative, joint labor/management effort. Investment in workforce development and human resources is a priority for us. In particular, we have much to gain from program-associated workplace outcomes.