Get Inclusive Training

The University of Massachusetts Amherst deeply values its responsibility to create and ensure a respectful, safe, and inclusive campus for all members of the community. The University has teamed up and contracted with “Get Inclusive” to offer online trainings in HIPAA, Harassment Prevention and Title IX and more. Click the button below to login and get started.

State law requires all new employees to complete a sexual harassment prevention training. Responsible Employees are designated mandatory reporters for sexual harassment and are also required to complete the online training. They include: all Faculty with administrative or supervisory responsibilities, Deans, Associate Deans, Heads and Chairs, Graduate and Undergraduate Program Directors, Faculty Athletic Representatives and Directors of Centers and Institutes; all staff that are Academic Advisors; all Coaches and Trainers; all Advisors to Registered Student Organizations, intramural sports and other student groups; all supervising travel external to the University and any contractors doing the same; all personnel in Student Affairs, including Residential Life employees, with the exception of confidential employees; and Staff in managerial or supervisory roles.

However, because of the recent updates to the Title IX regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights effective August 14, 2020, we encourage all employees to complete this training. We believe that you will find it to be relevant, thought provoking, and engaging.

Please set aside approximately 45 minutes to complete it. The training does not have to be completed all at once. Participants can complete part of the module and then return to the module later at the place where they left off. Simply follow this link Get Inclusive Trainings.

If you have difficulty accessing the training module, please contact Get Inclusive at Any questions about the content can be directed to