Claire Healy


Despite already feeling the settled-in ease that comes after moving in the form of small, daily accomplishments or comforts – such as being recognized by a neighbor, known at a store, or realizing your new neighborhoods and friends feel familiar – I have lived in Havana now for only three short weeks.

Bansky Artwork on the Israeli West Bank Wall in Bethlehem

Some thoughts on my recent trip to Palestine and the revolutions breaking out across the world.

Wadi Rum

Halfway through my time in Amman, here are some of my learned recommendations.

The landscape of the Wadi Rum desert

Salt and Sand: The different landscapes of Jordan 

Graffiti in Amman

The rollercoaster experience of studying languages. 

Claire Healy

Four months studying Arabic in Jordan's modern and ancient capital city 

World Librarians Presentation at UNESCO Conference in 2018

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a handful of students have been acting as librarians for students and educators across the world, answering requests for information ranging from cake recipes to instructions on how to build a wheelchair. This work is the goal of the World Librarians Project, which aims to bridge the global digital divide in access to the internet. Commonwealth Honors College students have dedicated their creative energy, Honors Theses projects, and postgraduate time to seeing this endeavor succeed.

Professor Paul Musgrave

Ahead of his Pizza & Prof lecture, Honors Professor Paul Musgrave sat down with Honors student Claire Healy ‘21 to discuss his experiences as a political expert, researcher, professor and mentor throughout a year of political and national turmoil.

Timothy Scalona

Commonwealth Honors College alumnus Timothy Scalona '20 has been elected student trustee for the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees.



On September 10, Commonwealth Honors College Dean of Mari Castañeda; professor of engineering Neal Anderson; Professor Kim Tremblay, Honors program director of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department; and Nikki Stoia, associate dean of undergraduate education for Humanities and Fine Arts, led an Honors Thesis Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to give advice to Honors College juniors and sophomores who are considering undertaking an Honors thesis.