Claire Healy

Wadi Rum

Halfway through my time in Amman, here are some of my learned recommendations.

The landscape of the Wadi Rum desert

Salt and Sand: The different landscapes of Jordan 

Graffiti in Amman

The rollercoaster experience of studying languages. 

Claire Healy

Four months studying Arabic in Jordan's modern and ancient capital city 

Some thoughts on my recent trip to Palestine and the revolutions breaking out across the world.

Massachusetts statehouse

Jessica Ulloa is a Commonwealth Honors College senior majoring in psychology with a neuroscience concentration.

For the final project for the honors political science course "The Politics of the End of the World" students were given the task of researching, recording and releasing a podcast exploring major changes in Massachusetts history. The podcast has four 20-25 minute episodes that explore different...

Nipsey Hussle

The death of Nipsey Hussle has hit a lot of people I know really hard. The mourning is in part due to what an amazing person he was and what he was doing for his community...

Resource economics professor, Dr. Christine L. Crago, was this year's speaker at the annual Daffodil Lecture March 26th, 2019. Dr. Crago's lecture, “Unintended Consequences of Environmental Policy: Lessons from the US Biofuels Market,” explained the ways environmental policy, albeit well-...

Steven Em, Commonwealth Honors College alumnus, was featured in the Boston Globe in an article titled "From the Killing Fields to the Healing Arts." Em recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and will continue his studies at New York Medical College at the...