Anna Orlandi


Voting is not only a constitutional right, but a privilege that allows for political progress—we shouldn't take it for granted.

Stacy Smith

UMass alumna and former CHC Peer Advising Supervisor, Stacy Smith '00, found her calling in enriching the education of students.


While the majority of the American public has long denounced racism, acts of discrimination occur daily. All humans have implicit biases that sway our decision-making, so we must work to recognize when they reflect hidden prejudice.


Cecelia Jenkins '09, Honors College alumna and senior editor at America's Test Kitchen, is starring in the YouTube documentary series, “The Test Cook,” with a quest to create the perfect Cuban sandwich.

Kobe Bryant

The fragility of life often leads to tragedy. It's important to continue to love others, remain grateful, and pursue your goals amid time's fleeting nature.


Apply for a variety of Commonwealth Honors College scholarships on the Academic Works website by February 28, 2020!

A worker hands an apple to a young customer.

Although one of the richest countries in the world, America has millions of hungry citizens. As we head into Thanksgiving break, remember your gratitude and help make a difference.

Amir Issaa

Amir Issaa, an Italian activist, performed and spoke about the discrimination he faced and what he used to cope with it: rap.

Various newspapers fill a shelf

With a surplus of news and information available online, we should try to seek out new perspectives and recognize our confirmation bias.