Events Hall

Events Hall

Commonwealth Honors College allows the reservation and use of the CHC Events Hall for academic and co-curricular events compatible with the University’s academic mission. 

No fee will be charged by the Honors College to campus groups for use of the CHC Events Hall. Non-academic events or events with possible attendance of 100 or more will not be allowed.  

Groups reserving the CHC Events Hall are not allowed to do their own set-up or breakdown of the space. The organizer must contact Facilities & Campus Services (FCS) and Classroom Technology Services (CTS) as directed below for furniture set-up and audio-visual equipment or technology needs. The Honors College will require confirmation of the request submitted to FCS and CTS, before confirming the reservation.


  • The CHC Events Hall is available for use by campus groups from 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm on weekends.  

  • Because the CHC Events Hall is also used as a gathering space for the Honors Colleg residential community, usage of the Events Hall before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays is limited to Commonwealth Honors College and Commonwealth Honors College Residential Life (CHCRC) programs. Events before 5:00 p.m. may also be limited to only the east half to lessen the impact on the CHCRC community. 

Priority Groups and Programs 

  • Commonwealth Honors College and CHCRC programs take priority over other requests. 

  • This may require, on occasion, the rescheduling of campus group events.  

  • All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) should contact Kago Motsoma, Student Activities and Involvement at or 413-345-0320 before proceeding with the Honors College reservation process.  


Reservation Process 

The Honors College has established these guidelines for the use of the CHC Events Hall to preserve the integrity of the space and its furnishings. 

  • Reservations requested before a semester starts will be held until the first day of classes to ensure that the Commonwealth Honors College and its Residential Community (CHCRC) programs are in place to minimize any rescheduling. 

  • Requests for use of the CHC Events Hall should be submitted well in advance of the planned event to ensure space availability.  

  • Please review the Reservations Policies below before submitting your request. 

Submitting a CHC Events Hall Reservation Request for use of the CHC Events Hall will constitute your agreement to abide by the Reservation Policies. 


Steps for Requesting Reservation 

  1. Contact to check availability for the event. Please specify the date, event time, set up and break down times, estimated number of attendees, and a brief description of the event.

  2. Once you receive confirmation that the room is tentatively held for you, you are responsible for the following:

  • Submit a Facilities & Campus Services (F&CS) Indoor Event Support Request to arrange for setup, breakdown, and cleaning services (required) and expect a confirmation of the arrangements. 
  • Forward the F&CS confirmation email to CHC at  
  • NOTE: If CHC does not received your email with the F&CS arrangements confirmation within 96 hours (4 days) of your reservation request date, CHC will cancel the tentative reservation. 

Once your email containing the F&CS services confirmation has been received by CHC, your reservation will be confirmed. Your event organizer will receive a confirmation e-mail. 


Reservation Policies 

Responsibility for Arrangements 

All event arrangements are the responsibility of the campus group reserving the space, including room set-up and breakdown through Facilities & Campus Services and audio-visual services through Classroom Technology Services (CTS). 

Furniture may not be removed from the CHC Events Hall by anyone other than Facilities & Campus Services. 


Custodial Service 

Custodial service is required for ALL events and the campus group is responsible for payment of all related fees. The need for custodial services must be noted on the Indoor Event Support Request to Facilities & Campus Services. 

If an event is canceled, the campus group is responsible for notifying Facilities & Campus Services and assumes responsibility for any custodial fees associated with a late cancellation notice. 

The campus group is also responsible for ensuring that all their program materials are removed from the CHC Events Hall at the conclusion of their event. 


Food and Beverage Service 

Food and beverages are allowed to be served in the CHC Events Hall. Full-service catering is only allowed using Campus Catering. Other vendors may be used as long as the vendor only delivers with no setup or cleanup. 


Crowd Management 

Any event organizer or sponsor planning an academic event with a possible attendance of 100 or more to be held in the Event Hall shall comply with all University Crowd Manager Program requirements. Event organizers should contact Maryanne Steele at to determine if crowd managers are necessary during an event. to ensure the correct number of Crowd Managers are specified, and to arrange for a Fire Safety Officer to meet and review the Fire Safety systems with the Crowd Manager. 


Responsibility for Damages 

Campus groups will be charged actual costs for any breakage, damage or loss of property associated with their event. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of missing property, carpet cleaning, or repair of damaged furniture, equipment, windows, and building fixtures. 

Lost Items 

Commonwealth Honors College is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during a campus group event. 

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