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Commonwealth Honors College - Call for Proposals to Teach in Honors, Spring 2022

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Application Deadline – April 15, 2021

Faculty from across the Campus are invited to apply to teach a 1-credit 391AH Honors Seminar in Commonwealth Honors College for Spring 2022

Honors 391AH is intended to inspire a love of learning, and to help prepare students with skills necessary for completion of senior theses and projects and the professional workplace. It is also designed to facilitate contact between Commonwealth Honors College students and departmental faculty in a small, seminar-style setting and to provide an intellectually stimulating, cross-disciplinary experience for both the faculty and students involved.

Course Description
This one-credit seminar-style course meets once a week for 50 minutes. Every section is open to honors students of any major and the course is limited to 15 students max. 

Curriculum Overview
The subject matter of each section is chosen by its instructor.  There is no restriction on the field or topic around which the course is centered, but all courses should be accessible to students from all majors; Advanced knowledge of the topic should not be necessary.

**Preference will be given to courses that incorporate specific skills into the curriculum that will help prepare students for the senior thesis or project.  These include writing in general, but also may include writing abstracts and literature reviews, competence in research, definition of a research question, computer literacy in presenting research results and public speaking.

The 391AH Seminar allows faculty members to create short, compelling courses in areas of personal interest to them and to teach courses they have always wanted to teach while helping students hone skills necessary for senior thesis or project work. Examples of courses that will be offered for the Fall 2021 semester are available at

Apply – Deadline: April 15, 2021

To apply to teach in Spring 2022, please fill out the online application at and submit electronically.

For questions via email, contact:

Brion Dulac