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Various newspapers fill a shelf

With a surplus of news and information available online, we should try to seek out new perspectives and recognize our confirmation bias.


On Wednesday, November 13, I attended the 10th annual Regional Conservation Partnership (RCP) gathering at UMass Amherst. 

Urban art in Santo Domingo

A paradigm shift: from research as something unfamiliar to research as something innate and accessible, made possible by experience abroad. 


It might take a bit of time, and it most definitely requires effort and willpower. To change the world, you’re going to have to want to change it in the first place. That little bit of hope, thoughthat is what is going to drive you.


It's one of life's hardest challenges...

coffee cherries after harvesting

“What’s the most important thing I can do to be more sustainable?”

Wadi Rum

Halfway through my time in Amman, here are some of my learned recommendations.

flowers in book

It’s that time of the year again… spring course registration!


Mentors affect us in all facets of life, whether we know it at the moment or not.