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Workshops & Resources

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The Honors Thesis will be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you’ll have as an Honors student. It might feel daunting at first, but Commonwealth Honors College offers a number of ways to help you succeed, including how-to workshops, advising support, a dedicated faculty writing coach, and faculty mentoring.


Honors Thesis Workshops

This series of workshops will give you an excellent overview of what to expect and how to prepare for the Honors Thesis, from the development of an idea through submission of the final paperwork.

The workshops cover a range of topics:

 Timeline for completing an Honors Thesis

 Scope of the Honors Thesis

 Difference between a Thesis Seminar and an Individually Contracted Honors Thesis

 Creating a committee for an Individually Contracted Honors Thesis

 Choosing a Thesis Seminar

 How to approach an Honors Thesis

  • In social and behavioral sciences
  • In a STEM field
  • In the arts and humanities

 Developing an Honors Thesis concept and proposal

 Research resources

 Time management skills


Research Guide  

Research is the hallmark of the Honors College student. Through research, you will gain meaningful skills and experiences that have the potential to advance your future graduate school or career aspirations. 


How-To Guides

Each Honors Thesis receives a grade and is preserved in the University Archives.  

All Honors Thesis work must be documented according to specific guidelines.  


Faculty Honors Writing Coach

Commonwealth Honors College offers students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced writing coach. Our Faculty Honors Writing Coach can assist with process, editing, structure, and style on papers and writing assignments from any Honors course or on sections of the Honors Thesis. Appointments are available throughout fall and spring semesters except during holidays and campus closures.

To sign up for a 30-minute appointment, visit the appointment scheduling portal, choose MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and select "See a CHC Writing Coach." All sessions take place in Elm 229. Students should bring a printed double-spaced copy of their work to the appointment.


Research Funding Opportunities

You can apply for the Commonwealth Honors College Research Grants and Research Assistant Fellowships as early as your first year.


Honors Advisors

One of the advantages of being an Honors College student is our special advising. Your Honors Advisor is a great resource for planning for your thesis and to help you charting your academic journey.


Department Honors Program Directors

Each department has an Honors Program Director who approves, advises, and assists students pursuing the Departmental Honors thesis track. The Honors Program Director also reviews and approves applications for Departmental Honors and for Departmental Independent Study Honors courses.